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Paranormal Investigators   

Midwest Outer Realm
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Paranormal Investigators Minneapolis Minnesota


Paranormal Investigators

Minnesota Paranormal Investigators. Investigating the MN haunted Midwest.

Paranormal investigators based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota. 

Midwest Outer Realm Followers Inc. is a non profit organization that researches claims of paranormal activity in the Upper Midwest - Minnesota ,Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.
We are currently looking for new investigations for the months of December and January.  Contact us to set up an appointment!
We have been featured on several television and radio programs including The Biography Channel's "My Ghost Story."
My Ghost Story
Look for us on episode 53.

Midwest Outer Realm Followers Inc or MORF was recently featured on Valley News Live, Fargo ND, for a LIVE televised Halloween 2014 investigation of the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center.

Valley News Live Fargo, ND
Our most recent EVP we obtained in the month of November of 2014.  We believe it to be that of a screaming boy.  This is graphic!
We specialize in investigating institutions, hospitals, schools, and homes.  We do not charge for our services, but require a small refundable deposit for home investigations.  We do accept donations for travel, equipment, and supplies expenses.
We have performed over 100 investigations since we began in 2010.  Confidentiality is assured.
We also offer home clearings if our clients so desire.  We do not charge for these services, and do not guarantee their effectiveness. We are a registered non profit organization in the State of Minnesota.
  If you feel that your home or business maybe haunted please contact us at:
Read about some of our investigations @