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       Midwest Outer Realm Followers - Meet the team.   


Who We Are

Meet the team.  
Steven Little had been with a prominent California paranormal team prior to coming to MORF.  Steven works in the real estate and Information
Technology fields.  He brings a calm, very professional dimension to the team.
Allen Woods is a highly gifted medium/psychic.  He is also known for his creative skills - having done the artwork for the Rain Forest Cafes nationwide.
Dawn Gibb owns a real estate title company.  She is very good at research and brings legal expertise to the group. She has been with the team for several years.
Terry Birnbaum II has been a team member on many investigations.  Terry is originally from Tennessee and is also gifted intuitively.
Kelly, a.k.a PunkRawk, and his wife Amanda, are MORF's Northwestern MN team members.  PunkRawk and wife Amanda are involved with Happy Note, a charitable organization that brings musical instruments into the hands of America's military members.  PunkRawk is also a member of the band Green Jelly.
Investigating a haunted building in Minnesota.
About Midwest Outer Realm Followers