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EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena is the discipline of obtaining voices and sounds that are thought to originate from the "other side" through electronic means. There are a variety of different ways in which these voices and sounds are captured. There are two main categories of EVP: recorded and ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication). For this discussion, we will be focusing upon recorded EVP.
History of EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena (recorded): This phenomenon was first discovered when a Swedish painter and film producer by the name of Friedrich J├╝rgenson was recording bird calls in 1959. When playing back the recordings, he heard voices thought to be from his deceased father and wife which he did not hear at the time of recording. Recording EVP by paranormal investigators became popular in the 1970's.
Magnetic tape (analog) was first used to record these voices from beyond. Today, digital voice recorders (digital) are a very popular way to capture these sounds, but by no means has this method best proven to be the best. People still use cassette tape recorders as well as Hi8 and other magnetic video tape formats (analog). Midwest Outer Realm Followers Inc. has discovered that Hi8 video tapes seem to capture the loudest and best EVP; more so than digital voice recorders. MORF also uses standard cassette tapes to capture EVP in addition to digital voice recorders.
It has been shown upon playback that the voices that are caught on either analog tape or digitally are different than the sounds captured from the here and now physical world when analyzed on sound wave analyzing programs. It appears that these EVP sounds are recorded at a higher frequency and sometimes slowing down these recordings by using audio editing programs such as Audacity, can be useful to help understand what is being said.
For some reason, analog tapes seem to "absorb" more of these voices than digital. At least that has been the experience of Midwest Outer Realm Followers Inc. Nearly half of MORF's best recordings have been caught on analog magnetic media. Surely the loudest, clearest EVP were captured on Hi8 analog magnetic media.
Analog: simply stated, analog represents an infinite amount of data in the form of sonic waves. Whereas digital represents a finite range of data from the sonic wave spectrum. Digital recordings represents sound in forms of 1's and 0's - or bits. While the number of bits is huge, it still represents a FINITE amount of information, where analog is smoother, and captures an INFINITE amount possible data which can be seen on a curve. Digital represents the curve in a huge number of bits, whereas analog represents the curve in all of its entirety. It would seem that analog magnetic tape seems to act like a better "sponge" for recording EVP. For the record, digital does an outstanding job of capturing EVP as well, but seems to have inherent limitations which have been discussed above, but can be time indexed and moved about from device to device easier than tapes and does not require the purchase of blank tapes.
Digital recordings tend to be clearer with less "white noise" than analog. For this reason, listening to digital recordings are easier to listen to than analog. But a case can be made for white noise. Some believe that these voices which are not heard audibly with the human ear at the time of recording, are manifested WITHIN the white noise. MORF has found that the higher the quality of digital voice, the less quantity of EVP is captured. Although less, the quality of the captured EVP is much greater when captured on $250.00 digital recorder than a much lower quality, cheaper, digital voice recorder or tape.
A note about white noise: while more EVP seems to be captured within white noise, the sound quality is far less. Naturally occurring sounds can be distorted due to white noise and can sound paranormal upon playback, when in fact, they were generated by normal circumstances. For this reason, "syncing" other recorders with each other is vitally important to debunk a mistaken sound.
Paranormal investigators which wish to capture the most EVP use a wide range of recording devices.
Many of these products can be found at