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Technologies for the Serious Paranormal Investigator

This page will shed some light on the technologies available for the serious Minnesota paranormal investigator. There are many tools that are used to document the paranormal that have been borrowed from other fields.
The most important tool a good MN paranormal investigator possesses is common sense. There are many natural occurrences that present themselves as being paranormal when in fact, they are quite normal. Debunking is vitally important to the MN paranormal investigator. This subject will be addressed in detail on another page. For this discussion, we will only focus on equipment.
  1. Voice recorder. The primary evidence gatherer of Minnesota paranormal investigators. These can be expensive as $400.00 for a quality digital recorder, or as inexpensive as $20.00 for a vintage cassette recorder. Both obtain EVP (electronic voice phenomena).
  2. Camera. This is another important tool. Again, prices range wildly for different cameras. Anything from a cell phone camera (we do NOT use these), film, to digital cameras. We suggest starting out with a digital camera, preferably a DSLR with an attached flash unit that mounts higher above the lens to diminish the dust effect of capturing orbs. Wildlife cams can be very useful as well. These film in both daylight and at night and are motion sensitive. Usually cost around $80.00.
  3. Laser thermometer. Point and shoot easy way of looking for temperature changes in a room. These can be as inexpensive as $30.00.
  4. DVR. Digital video recorder. These generally are night seeing home surveillance systems using up to 16 night vision cameras. These can be expensive. $250.00 - $1200.00 typically.
  5. FLIR. Forward looking IR. Heat mapping video cameras. These are not inexpensive. $1,000.00 - $3,000.00. Prices are coming down however for these cameras.
  6. EMF meters. Originally developed to detect wiring issues in homes, these are highly useful devices that detect electro magnetic fields. Entities are thought to produce these fields. KII, Mel Meter, and Tri field meter are all popular and good choices for the investigator. They start at around $50.00.
  7. Pods. Devices that detect different forms of energy and typically light up and make sound when triggered. We suggest using the OuterRealm Pod which can be found at This pod is affordable and detects static charge which ghosts are thought to produce. There are other many pods out there that generally detect EMF. One such pod is the Rem Pod. There are many pods to choose from, but we recommend the OuterRealm Pod.
  8. ITC devices. Instrumental Trans Communication. Somewhat controversial as they can be debated as to where the messages are originating from, but can be highly entertaining and startling with their responses. These devices can be radios that have been modified to continually scan radio bands to pick up messages from the other side, to random word generators. The Frank's Box was the first ITC device to make it onto the market. This is the first radio device and is the original. Simple radios can be "hacked" to produce similar results. The Ovilus is a well known random word generator. Similar results can be obtained on free phone apps as the much more expensive Ovilus. We recommend using radio type ITC devices. These can range from free for phone apps to over $1,000.00 for an original Frank's Box.
  9. EM pump. A device that produces electro magnetic fields which ghosts are thought to be strengthened by. The Monster Box is one of the most powerful pumps available.
There are many other experimental products available. We covered the most common tools available for the serious investigator.
Many of these products can be found at