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Minnesota Paranormal Investigators - No Charge to Investigate your situation.

Do you feel your living environment maybe haunted? We are available to help you determine if your you are indeed experiencing paranormal activity.

There are many things to consider when attempting to arrive at a logical conclusion as whether or not you are experiencing a haunting. There are several types of manifestations of paranormal activity. There are three common types: residual, intelligent, and poltergeist. There are other manifestations, but these three are the most common that we have experienced the most of.

Residual: A remnant of the past that is perceived to take place in a living environment that seems to repeat itself at different times. The best way to try to explain this type of manifestation, is to think of an audio or video tape of time being replayed for us to experience at random times. There is no intelligent connotation associated with this activity. In other words, this type of “haunting” is considered to be benign, and cannot accurately be deemed an actual haunting. These types of occurrences are quite common.

Intelligent: A true “haunting”. This type of haunting takes place when a deceased individual is lingering in an environment and does not wish, nor believes it can “pass” onto a higher state of being (heaven). They may feel that there is unfinished affairs that need to take place. There may have been a tragedy that needs to be reconciled such as a wrong doing, or the deceased may believe that their perception of God or Higher Power will not accept them so they become “stuck.” Often times, we receive messages in the form of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

At other times, intelligent hauntings can occur if an individual dies suddenly and has not yet realized that they have died. These types of hauntings usually resolve themselves in a few weeks after the departed realize that it is time to move on.

Poltergeist: The third type of activity that we will address is caused by a poltergeist. In German, the word literally means “noisy ghost.” This manifestation involves the moving of objects; sometimes forcibly. Some believe this type of manifestation comes from a negative entity. Others hold that this phenomenon is caused by telekinesis by a teenager in the environment, especially a female teen.

If you are experiencing any of the above occurrences, please feel free to contact us. We do not charge to investigate.

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